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    Training & International Cooperation Center(hereinafter to be referred as TICC) was established in 2013,responsible for campus net construction、practice training lab management and international cooperation.

    The campus net construction section is committed to constructing“digital HFTC”,realizing Wi-Fi covering campus and service upgrading. Systems of welcoming new arrivals、educational administration、books 、fee charging、all-purpose card、psychology consultancy have realized on-line operation and use. Modern facilities have brought much convenience to the staff and students.

    The practice training management section is in charge of overall managing college training classrooms and maintaining facilities,making sure normal daily teaching. Till now various training classrooms have amounted to 20, 5 are on the plan.In 2014, TICC plan to complete the upgrading and renovation project of training classrooms and muti-media classrooms on eastern campus.

    Now HFTC pays great attention to carrying out international cooperation and communication with higher educational institutions in America、Canada、Australia、Singapore、Hong Kong,etc., aiming at helping students raising their diploma level and competition ability, and building a teaching group with international vision.