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Teach-in on Canada PEQ Overseas Study and Immigrant Smoothly Held
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On Nov.23 afternoon, a teach-in on Canada PEQ overseas study and immigrant was smoothly held in classroom 65 on western campus. Senior experts were invited to give the speech and students of international accounting classes attended the meeting.

The PEQ project was a project hosted by Quebecprovince. The project recruits international students satisfying relevant standards. The students will receive a 12-24-month(1800h)- professional technical training inCanada, after which they will get professional study certificates issued by Quebec Education Ministry (DVS in English; DEP in French). Besides the education bureau will provide recruitment information to help students get accustomed to local life and work after graduation. Then the graduates can apply for experience immigrants ofQuebec. The whole period (from landingCanadato getting the card of maple leaf) will last 12-24 months, based on majors.

The teach-in, contained interactive games, introduced overall and professional overseas study information inCanadain lively atmosphere, and supplied a platform for students to get familiar withCanadacultures and education.


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