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TICC Party Members Watched the Live Broadcast of the 80th Anniversary of Victory of Long March
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According to the unite arrangement of instructional party branch, TICC organized all party members to watch the live broadcast of the 80thanniversary of victory of long march at 10a.m. of Oct.21.

President Xi led us to look back at the history of Red Army’s long march, which must be powerful spiritual force to Chinese people in overcoming difficulties and winning new victory. He also said that the long march for the present generation should be achieve the target of “two 100 years” and achieve Chinese Dream of great reviving of the Chinese nationality. On the way of new long march, all party members should uphold and guard leadership of CPC, stand on the side of party and people, being loyal for the party, sharing trouble and responsibility for the party, devoting to fulfill the task assigned by the party. Through the jointed efforts of all members, party should stand together with people and stay in the forefront of the times. 

After listening to the important speech of President Xi, all TICC members reviewed the glories and had deeper understanding to the long march spirit. Party members should inherit and develop great long march spirit, practically finish one’s own duty, not forget the original ideal, proceed to go forward in the new long march.